About us

Like culture and art, recreation and sports activities play an important role in communities. Their many benefits include improving the health and well-being of individuals, contributing to the empowerment of individuals, and promoting the development of inclusive communities. Recreation, leisure and sports activities may involve individuals, small groups, teams or whole communities and are relevant to people of all different ages, abilities, and levels of skill. The types of recreation, leisure and sports activities people participate in vary greatly depending on local context, and tend to reflect the social systems and cultural values.

Founder – Nigel Rosenbaum

Mission Statement:

“To promote sport to all people, to give better access to sport, with fun, functionality, excitement, better social interaction and more improved use of technology”.

The Team

Nigel R

Founder/Owner and Innovator of Sport X

World Sales and Business Development

A serial entrepreneur of many years, has an eye for improving and developing concepts. A passion to overhaul the social media of today and combine it with the excitement and his love of Sport. Has worked in the Security Industry for over 15 years as a Close Protection Officer. Lives in UK with his wife, children 2 cats and a mad dog.

Shine Gopal

Sport X World Venture Partner and Consultant and Business Development.

Founder/Owner and CEO Imark Global , promoting global entrepreneurship, creating global ventures.

Founder Techoo.org

Founder/Chairman Marketnext.org

Founder B2B Trader.net, business beyond borders

Director General Indo International Industrial Council.

Both Shine and Nigel have worked together on various projects over many years.

Tony Tumalon

Website Content.

Social Media Marketing Expert.

James White

CorpWriting Digital

Content Writing.

Media and Public Relations.

Crowd Funding Proposals.

Why the concept!

Shine, Tony, James and myself have used Social Media for many years now, and on the surface works exactly as you would imagine. It also ticks all the boxes as to problem solving with communication between friends, families and work colleagues, be it across the office, the county, country or even the world for free! Well nearly free, that’s where the real problem lies. The business model of these Social Media giants are as such, to keep the end user from paying they (the end user) has to give something tangible in return, but human nature as it is just ignores the second costly part of the deal as free is what we want and free is what we get, (well they don’t take anything out of my bank account), right, wrong. From day one they take every possible piece of information that you provide in setting up your account with them and running the account thereafter, and sell each and every bit of information to the highest bidder who or whatever they work for, usually advertising agencies, but then these sell on to other customers. So what I hear you say. From day one they have abused your trust, when all this leaks out and it eventually does, they then have to then re-engage with their customers to gain their trust all over again. In the meantime losing many users in the process.

This really doesn’t seem like the best business practice out there! A business model that loses the trust from day one really doesn’t do it for me. You and ourselves should expect and get more, you deserve a better business model. All social media sites that abuse this trust need now to move the goal posts. We should all respect this personal information that is entrusted to us, yes that’s right “entrusted” to us. That is why we at Sport X World will NOT data harvest, will NOT sell your personal and private information in exchange for a “free user experience”.  All we ask is that the free profiles will get adverts targeted around sports, those that choose not to have adverts will pay a small monthly premium.

Why Social Media centred around Sport!

Social Media is an incredible tool/resource but seems to be wasted by constant and mind numbing comments and photos of “What I had for breakfast, here’s me eating my dinner” and so it goes on. I really do have to apologise because I really wasn’t put on this planet to study, watch and comment about your feeding habits, I’m sure someone somewhere is interested but as a busy businessman I’m not, never have been, never will!!!

So to avoid this situation we have centred the media around sport, the passions, the highs and lows, the friendships, the amazing sporting moments. There is just so much of sport that draws you in, be it participating or just watching. Never again shall we endure mundane photos and comments of boring life…Life starts here! Sport starts here!